Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 4th

The Fourth of July seems like it happened last month, especially after the two busy weeks we just had.  Anyways, the day before, we bought fireworks at our church's firework stand.  Dadda decided we should try out a few smoke bombs in the cut-de-sac. So that was fun!  And lastly, I give you the many expressions of Tessa....during our July 4th, flower-power photo shoot.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The History of July 4th Photos

Yes, I'm that mom.  The mom that dresses her kiddos in red, white & blue for the 4th of July.  With the exception of the first two years, I've staged quite the photo shoot.  Here are some snippets of each July 4th photo shoot from the past seven years.

July 2010
McKinley & I were in Memphis visiting my brother and Shannon before he was deployed to Liberia. This was McKinley's first trip in an airplane.

July 2011
No red, white & blue here, just a floppy hat.  McKinley is standing next to our newly-potted hydrangeas. 

July 2012
Here's where I decided to take it to the next level.  Coordinating outfits and hand-made lavender crowns.  And you can't forget the God Bless America pillow.

July 2013
A sailor outfit and denim....it doesn't get any more American that that!  Thought it would be cool to spell out U.S.A. but unfortunately I didn't have an 'A'.

Yeeeehawww....Go Navy, Beat Army!

July 2014
In our new house, the beautiful hydrangeas make an excellent backdrop. 

Tessa's expression and the way she is holding her flag makes my heart melt.

Piper was in a make-a-funny-face-or-stick-out-your-tounge phase and McKinley's hair was in its mullet stage.

July 2015
These dresses are too cute and were a gift from Gramma C.  She even sent us the red, white & blue decorations.

Tessa's over it!

July 2016
 This year was all about the flower power.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Newport Beach

Last weekend we whisked the family away for a short vacation to Newport.  We rented a condo in the Nye Beach District and could see the ocean from our living room window.  Before checking into our weekend digs, we explored the original Yaquina Head lighthouse, went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center and checked out Nye beach in our rain gear.  After our dinner of lentil soup in acorn squash bowls the rain had subsided so we returned to the beach for an extended walk and also tooled around town.  The next morning we visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium, arriving right when it opened in order to see the otters being fed at 10:30 am.  We also got to see JoJo & Wren, who are trained pelicans, and lots of puffins. But it was the jellyfish the girls enjoyed seeing the most.  The rest of the afternoon we walked out on the jetty which channels fishing boats under the Newport bridge, played on the beach, and went to the pirate ship slide park.  Our last morning on the coast we drove to Lincoln City for Windstock, which is their annual kite festival.   The girls got to make their own kites and had a blast flying them.  Overall, we had an amazing three days, packing so much activity into our short time at the beach, that it felt like our vacation was a lot longer.
Yaquina Head lighthouse

The Oregon Coast Aquarium

Saving spots for the otter feeding.

JoJo the pelican.

Listening to the talk on turkey vultures.

The beautiful Newport Bridge.

Walking out on the jetty.

The girls got a kick out of watching the waves crash into the rocks.

Beach time.

Dadda enlists the girls to build a wall.

This park had an awesome enclosed slide that began from a pirate ship.  

Momma enjoyed her morning runs on the beach.

Flying their homemade kites.