Tuesday, June 19, 2018

AWANA Awards

Last month we wrapped up another season of doing AWANA's on Wednesday night.  Tessa made her debut as a Cubbie, and completed her Appleseed Handbook.  Piper joined the yellow group as a Sparky.  She finished her Hanglider Handbook & extra credit booklet.  McKinley finished her last year in Sparkies and earned the Timothy Award for completing all three handbooks.  She was also awarded a ginormous candy bar because she was the Sparky who said the most verses.  We were so proud of our girls! They worked really hard to hide God's word in their hearts, made friends and had a lot fun!

Heather & Patrick, who are husband and wife, were the leaders of McKinley's group (Blue group).  We will definitely miss their faithfulness and encouragement!

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Mutha of all Mother's Days

                                 May 2017                                                   May 2018                          

My goodness!  What a difference a year makes!  My only request for Mother's Day was some family photos, more specifically, pictures with me and the kiddos.  Rarely do I get in front of the camera, and when I do, it's usually an awkward selfie with my kids.  See below.  So this year I wanted to set up my tripod after church in front of some gorgeous flowers and snap away.   I had my heart set on the blooming rhododendrons on the A-dec campus, but we got shooed away by the security guard before the photo shoot even started.  The girls made me enchiladas for dinner and a surprise dessert, while Daddy supervised in the kitchen.  They even washed the dished afterwards!  During church we dedicated Landon to the Lord in the presence of our Newberg Christian Church family.  He wore a bowtie that I bought just for the occasion, and he looked adorable!  And the girls agreed to wear matching outfits, which melted my heart.  This Mother's Day will always hold a special place in my heart because my family is complete.

Here are the best gifts my family gave me on Mother's Day!