Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Birthdays

Piper and Tessa both celebrated their birthdays this past month.   On November 11th, we were in Sun River with Ahmma & Dumpa.  Benji and I woke her up at the crack of dawn and took her to get some hot cocoa, just the three of us.  She opened a couple of presents before we headed back to Newberg.  When we got home, the Ridgeways and Sophie came over for a pizza party.  On November 26th, I took Tessa for a breakfast date to Fred Myer's for some donuts and let her pick out a balloon at the Dollar Tree.  In the afternoon, Dadda took her to pick up her birthday cake and then let her pick out a special treat from the bulk bins at New Seasons.  She opened her presents throughout the day, and after dinner Sophie came over for cake and ice cream.  Sophie gave her a cute, little stuffed moose that she named Lizzie Moosey and hasn't let go of.   Even though I wasn't able to write separate birthday posts for Piper & Tessa on their actual birthdays, I did take the time to do separate photo shoots.   They both look so much more grown up than last year's pictures.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Photos Lately

Our tree in the backyard turns the prettiest shade of red during the fall.

After taking home some pumpkins from St. Paul, we decided they were too small to carve and opted to paint them instead.

Gramma C. came to visit for a couple of days and brought some fun crafts for the girls to do.

She also also brought lots of presents, including Tessa's new workout shorts.

Tessa tries finger painting, while McKinley and Piper work on their own craft projects.

Gramma C. also surprised them with these fun, hand-painted masks.

After Gramma C. left, we went to the Oregon Zoo.

The girls pose in front of some bamboo.

Friday, October 14, 2016


We're so happy it's fall!  McKinley & I are five weeks into her first grade year, and so far I'm loving the pace of her My Father's World curriculum (Learning God's Story).  She's memorizing a Proverb each week and has started to make a timeline of the Bible.  And every fifth day we take a break from normal school activities to get outside & explore God's Creation, do science experiments, and play with pattern blocks & other math games.  
Last weekend we went to Champoeg Park for their Apple Harvest Festival.  It was like stepping into a Little House on the Prairie book.  The girls got to make toys and play games that children in the 1800's enjoyed.  We also saw an old apple cider press in action and tasted its fresh cider.
This morning we drove out to St. Paul to pick out some pumpkins.  Bruce's neighbor grows monster pumpkins and sells smaller pumpkins and has always been very generous in letting us take pictures and pumpkins with no charge.

The yellow tanker desk in the background was my birthday present.  We bought it from Portland State University for dirt cheap.

Although these pictures were taken in late September after church, the temperature felt more like a spring day.

At Champoeg Park playing apple grab during the Harvest Festival.

One of the many large pumpkins Bruce's neighbor has grown.

We made a morning out of it, beginning with donuts and coffee for breakfast at Fred Myer's.

Although it was a bit windy, we beat the rain and even saw a beautiful rainbow while driving to St. Paul.  You can kind of see it fading in the background.

We grabbed a bunch of small ones and decided that we would paint faces on them instead of carving them.