Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Baker's Dozen

Yesterday we watched NAVY crush ARMY for the 13th straight year in a row!  Although, Army blocked a punt and scored for an early lead, I never doubted that Navy would come back and take the win.  From the combined Glee Clubs singing the National Anthem to USAA's commercial "thanking those who dared to take the oath," from Stories with SECNAV to Mike Viti's walk across the U.S. honoring fallen soldiers and singing along to Blue & Gold, it was an amazing game.  Go Navy, Beat Army!

The girls are pre-gaming while watching the Midshipmen march into the stadium.

We salute you…..LCDR Ryan Campoamor!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thankful for Grandparents

November was an epic month!  First we had Ben's parents here for Piper's birthday, and then my parents flew into town for Tessa's birthday and Thanksgiving. While Gramma & Grampa were here, we took a mini-Groupon-vaca to Seaside, and stayed at The River Inn.  The Seaside Aquarium was closed for maintenance and the wind & rain really prevented us from exploring the town like we had intended.  But we still made the most of it, enjoying delicious fish & chips and clam chowder at Norma's, swimming in the hotel pool, and taking a walk on the beach.  When we returned home we celebrated Tessa's Birthday and had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner cooked by my parents.  The remaining days of Gramma & Grampa's visit we put up Christmas decorations, took McKinley to swim lessons, played lots of Spot It, ate lots of pumpkin dump cake, went to church, and "took care of business."  And on the last day, my dad made my favorite Puerto Rican meal: flank steak with lentils and onions.

Tessa shows Grampa her bee-bo (belly button) while he sings.

After church pictures.  

The indoor carousel at Seaside.  Out of all the beautiful horses to choose from, they went straight for the pig and rabbit.

Keeping dry while we walk the Seaside strip.

While Tessa was taking her morning nap, they take a stroll on the beach.

One of the days we drove to Astoria to show Gramma & Grampa the Astoria Column. 

Tessa got so wide-eyed after she woke up from her nap and saw the Christmas tree for the first time. 

Dance party!

Wax on, wax off.

Tessa gives the best open mouth kisses!

New Doc McStuffins shirts from Gramma & Grampa.

After church pictures, part II.

Tessa models her new hooded bath towel from Pottery Barn.

Classic Christmas photo.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Look Whoo Turned One

The day before Thanksgiving (which actually happened to be her birthday) we threw Tessa a little birthday party.  Since we were just getting home from a short excursion to Seaside with my parents, we decided to grill up some hamburgers, and I made a cherry chip cake with cream cheese frosting.  For her party decorations I hung up her twelve-month photo banner and some tissue poms, because what's a party without tissue poms?? After dinner she had no interest in opening presents, so her older sisters helped her out.   Sophie even came over bringing cute, new clothes from Hannah Anderson. After presents she had no interest in eating her piece of cake, but instead played with the frosting a bit.  We ended the day with a quick bath before bedtime to get the frosting out of her hair.