Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Weekend

Best. Weekend. Ever.
Dadda was home.
March Madness was on the television.
We went to church together as a family.
Couldn't get any better than that.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Cherishing the days where my girls get excited to dress alike.  

+ Listening to the girls read to Tessa.

Watching my daughter's creativity unfold as they draw picture after picture after picture.

+ Excited for Spring and more dinners on the backyard patio.

Wondering if the Wildcats will win the dance. 

Recovering from my final workout in the CrossFit Open 2015: rowing for calories and thrusters.

+ Gearing up for Easter.

Friday, March 13, 2015

We luv Sun River

We recently returned from a relaxing, mini-vacation to Sun River.  We rented a house on Rogue Ln. that had a dramatic, vaulted ceiling in the living room with a fireplace stove pipe that went all the way to the top.  This was our first trip where Tessa didn't have to sleep in a closet or a bathroom; she actually got her own room.  Originally when we planned this trip, we envisioned lots of swimming at the SHARC, but also lots of playing in the snow.  We ended up swimming only twice, and had just enough snow on the deck to build some snowmen.  Tessa was so fearless in the water! She tried to imitate everything her sisters were doing, including jumping off the side of the pool into the water and practicing her swim kicks.  McKinley and Piper did a lot of bike riding, and one morning after Tessa's morning nap we took a walk along the Deschutes River while trying to keep up with the girls on their bikes.  We also went ice skating before leaving Sun River.  I can't believe how quickly the girls picked it up, especially Piper.  This being her first time on skates, she quickly learned how to balance by herself and pick herself up from the ice after falling.  I was amazed.  After about thirty minutes of holding their hands, they decided they no longer wanted my help.  Overall, it was good to take a break from our normal routine and get away as a family.  And only in Oregon can you swim, play in the snow, ride bikes, and ice skate in one trip.

One of my favorite pics from the trip!

Mt. Bachelor is behind the Deschutes River. 

Tessa tries to join her sisters in building snowmen.