Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Time : Part 3

After the Howard clan departed, we had one day to wash the linens, clean the bathrooms, and re-make the beds before Aunt Shannon and the girls were coming into town.  Unfortunately, Uncle Ryan had to stay in Japan for work, and Benji also had to work, so it was basically us girls for one whole week.  Some memorable moments include setting squirrel traps in the backyard, making teru teru bozus to send away the rain, crossfit workouts with Shannon, fighting over toy lizards trapped in ice, tinkerbell pancakes and eggs, the big slide park, Shannon and I leaving the girls with Aunt Kathy & Kylee while we had a grocery/Starbucks date, eating at Ixtapa to celebrate Ryan & Shannon's Anniversary, and the five hour road trip to Seattle.

The Last Photo: Embassy Suites, August 2015

Flashback: Embassy Suites, February 2014

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Family Time : Part 2

The following week we rented a huge house in Sun River where all of Benji's siblings (Cassie, Shawna & Travis) and their families, including Ahmma & Dumpa, met for some Howard family fun.  Infact, this was the first time Uncle Eddie and Auntie Shawna visited us in OR and the first time meeting Baby Silas, who is now almost six months old.  I wished our time together as a family was longer, but I'm also super grateful of the time we did have.  We played at the SHARC, took bike rides, gathered for meals, explored the Village, and even spent the day tubing on the Deschutes River before heading home. 

The Howard Cousins (from L. to R.): Abby, McKinley, Piper, Luke, Lizzie, Tessa, Benjer, Micah, and Caleb. (Not pictured: Baby Silas)

The kiddos attempted to get the perfect "jumping" shot. 

Spontaneous dance party!

Bike ride to Benham Falls.

At the SHARC.

The Howard Clan.

Tubing at Tumalo State Park.

The Last Supper.