Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nine months with Tessa

I know, I know. Nine months?  What happened to month six, seven & eight? I feel really bad that I haven't posted anything specifically about Tessa's growth and development.  But, I did manage to take some pictures each month.  So, before I share the latest and the greatest about little Miss Tess, here are some photos from the last three months.
6 months old:

7 months old (modeling her home made blanket from Ahmma and Momma's first pair of baby shoes):

8 months old (wearing 3 of Momma's baby outfits):

Tessa had her nine-month well check at the end of August. As for her stats, she weighed 17 lbs, 1 oz (30%) and measured 29" long (92%).  She nurses five times a day, and in order for her to get a full feeding I have to sequester us in my upstairs bedroom because she gets so distracted by what her sisters are saying and doing. Along with nursing, she eats a jar of baby food and some finger foods after each breakfast and lunch feeding.  For dinner she sits at the table with the family and eats whatever we're eating before I nurse her.  She still takes two naps during the day and sleeps 10-11 hours each night. Her hair is slowly filling in, but still no teeth.  She crawls, occasionally claps, and is learning how to wave.  I predict she'll be walking before her first birthday because she loves to pull up to the standing position and let go.  I'll share more about her personality and Tess-isms when she's ten months old, so in about a week. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Dadda !

Supple Leopard t-shirts, swimming in the backyard, Storr's barbecue, paleo chocolate cake, and a silky sunset….nothing but the best for Dadda's 36th birthday party.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

And so it begins...

We're having a tiny, heat wave here in Oregon. Thus, are days spent playing in the water and having pool parties are still going strong.  But the hot temps don't mix well with running, so we'll have to see how my cross country kids do competing in their first race with a forecast of 90+ degrees tomorrow.  We wrapped up two big events for cross country before school had even started: Our 60-minute running fundraiser and chaperoning the girls' sleep-over in the high school gym.  Benji brought the girls to the track for the fundraiser, and McKinley and Piper ran a bunch of laps with the team.  McKinley completed seven laps (almost two miles), and Piper finished four laps.  Each time they completed a lap they received a bracelet (aka a rubberband) and wore them with pride to bed that night.

Look at those guns!

Tessa watches her sisters play in the pool while sucking on their popsicle sticks.

Triple twinkles again! 

Sophie invited them over to her front yard for some bubbles.

Bruce stands by to hand out rubber bands to the runners.

Meanwhile, Tessa and Dadda lounge on the new turf field. 

Both McKinley and Piper wore their cheerleading outfits to support the blue and gold.

Look at McKinley's form…..amazing!

Group pic after another successful fundraiser.  I'm kneeling next to Bruce in the tutu and retro running tank. 

Girls' Sleepover!