Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Country Christmas

We had a memorable Christmas in Kentucky this past year.  And even though these pictures are almost a month late, they bring a smile to my face as I reminisce about spending the holidays with my parents, Grandparents, and our friend Shelia.

Grampa gives the girls a ride on the tractor.

They were super excited to steer all by themselves.

Tessa wastes no time in taking the steering wheel as I'm still trying to figure out how to change gears.

We take a walk down to Grampa & Gramma's pond.  And Grampa tries to hook a fish, but all he got was snagged.

Every morning Tessa wanted a cutie for breakfast.

The girls were so stoked to try on these bonnets as we have been reading Little House on The Prairie.

On one of the only dry days, we took a walk past all of Gramma & Grampa's neighbors towards the open fields. 

As we were walking, two cats came out to greet the girls.  

They named him Snowball.

Heading back to Gramma & Grampa's house, Snowball decided to follow the girls home.

Waiting to head in to church for Christmas Eve service.

The horses in the field came over to say hello.

Tessa wasn't sure of Great Grampa holding her.

After church we let the girls open a couple presents before bedtime.

Family photo taken be Shelia.  Merry Christmas Everybody!

Christmas morning we open stockings before breakfast.

McKinley & Piper help Gramma bake a birthday cake for Jesus. Cherry Chip, of course.

Grampa finally had to call Snowball's owner because after two days he hadn't left our porch.

I am loving Great Grampa's new glasses!

Time to open presents.

After our traditional Puerto Rican Christmas dinner and opening presents we went down to the basement for some caroling. 

Each girl had a chance to pick a song and lead the singing with the microphone.  McKinley chose Feliz Navidad.

Piper picked Jingle Bells.  

Tessa also chose Feliz Navidad and basically sucked on the microphone while singing.  It was the cutest thing ever!

The girls lead one last song.  On a side note, Great Gramma got off the couch to dance with me and the girls during a song, and had so much fun that she fell to the ground.  No one got hurt (thankfully!) but seeing her laugh and sing and dance and be silly with us is something that I will never forget.

A hedge apple.

They're actually quite disgusting-looking.

Girl photo after church.

Before we left KY, we visited the Creation Museum.  One of the highlights was McKinley getting to hold this boa.  And neither Piper nor Tessa were afraid to touch it.

The Creation Museum has an amazing petting zoo where you can buy pellets to feed all of the animals.

Except for the camels!

For school, we had just finished studying dinosaurs before leaving OR, so McKinley wanted her picture with T-Rex.

Fashion show of some of Momma's old clothes that Gramma saved.