Wednesday, August 17, 2016

California 2016

It was a Howard family reunion, of sorts, as Benji's siblings and their families all gathered at Ahmma & Dumpa's house for a week of family fun. We had many activities planned, which included multiple trips to In-and-Out, evening Yogurt Mill runs, and a mini-vaca at Ahmma & Dumpa's Cuyamaca cabin.  We also spent an entire day at SeaWorld, did a beach day at La Jolla and celebrated Nana's 90th birthday with a catered party.  Our time in California was relaxing, exciting and a reminder of how blessed we are with such a loving & generous family!

Luke was on his way to his Jujitsu class.  We went and cheered him and Micah on several times.  

This little Jeep was a hit with the cousins, especially when Uncle Benji was there to push them up the  driveway hill.

Dadda, Uncle Eddie, Uncle Travis & Dumpa go for a trail ride.

Piper, Tessa & Benjer are waiting for our fifth meal of the day at one of Sea World's restaurants.  Each family bought an all-day dining pass, where we could eat a full meal once every hour.  We got our money's worth after the second meal.  Forget Shamu.....the all-day dining pass was the highlight of our trip!

"I don't like this guy," said Tessa, but eventually warmed up to Uncle Tivo.

These two were inseparable, holding hands everywhere we went.  I think they finally figured out they are the same age!

Saving seats for the unimpressive Shamu show.

The gang's all here, except for Travis, Natalie & the boys, who left early so Travis could prepare for his job interview........which he nailed.......and got the job!

Riding the gondolas over the park.

We hadn't planned on staying until closing, but with the all-day dining pass, Shamu dance party and amazing firework show, we are so glad we did!

Beach Day.   All hands on deck to build a wall.

Baby Silas aka Ish played in the sand next to Tessa.

She was fearless while playing in the tide and hilarious to watch. 

The burying crew.

There's McKinley's face!

A group grandkid shot before the guests arrived to Nana's birthday party.

I love how Micah has his arm around Tessa.

Homemade raspberry cupcakes with surprise truffles in the middle.  So good!

Nana opens her gifts.


Nana's grandchildren, with the exception of Adam, who was in New Zealand. 

The tortillas from Casa De Pico were the bomb!

Now Luke has his arm around Tessa....so cute!

At the cabin, Ahmma came prepared with build-it-yourself boats.

We walked around Julian and sampled their famous apple pie.

Beautiful backdrop at Lake Cuyamaca.

The kids loved throwing rocks into the lake.

The last night before we had to say goodbye to the Giles crew.

These girls loved Ish!

Family pic with Nana (while Tessa is picking her nose).

We did some sprints up to the Crest Water Tank.

Engagement rock.....where Uncle Eddie & Aunt Shawna got engaged.