Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mother's Day

I will never forget this Mother's Day.  My girls spoiled me with their heartfelt cards and homemade trifle.  But then Dadda surprised me with a gesture so sweet and thoughtful, I thought I had died and gone to fast food heaven.  After church we all ate lunch at Taco Bell....even Dadda!

Dadda snapped these pictures of us after lunch.

A shout-out to Gramma for the girls' cute, new summer dresses!

My dress is from the Gap, and even though Benji said I reminded him of a Yankee's ball player, it's probably the most comfortable, not to mention cute, dress I've ever worn. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

When Daddy's away, the girls will play

While Dadda was out of town for work, Gramma flew in to give us a hand.  She was a tremendous help with all of our daily chores.  On her last day, we went to Multnomah Falls for a quick hike.  Thank you Gramma for coming out to see us.  We miss you!

Grabbing some snacks at Dadda's work function.

        After lunch at the Olive Garden where we celebrated Gramma's 60th birthday a little early.

Tessa is sporting a new two-piece from Gramma.

Piper (in the middle) with teacher Parker.

Look at the cheese ball in the bottom right corner!

Tessa and teacher Ben doing ice cream scoops.

Piper is doing chicken-airplane-soldier aka the backstroke.

Post swim lesson at the pool park.

The girls found surprise t-shirts on Gramma's bed the morning that she left.

I took them to some parks to take their mind off of Gramma leaving.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

American Pride

The girls had been anxiously anticipating Nana and Amy's arrival ever since their voyage on the American Pride down the Columbia River was to end in Portland.  So, the day they arrived, I got the girls up at the crack of dawn, threw them in the van, grabbed some donuts and coffee on the way, and drove up to Jantzen Beach where the American pride was to dock at 8 am.   Nana & Amy stayed with us through the weekend.  On Saturday we walked around our neighborhood and had Burgerville for dinner.   On Sunday we took them to church and to the original Sandwich Express for lunch, then drove home through Carlton.  Amy was so nurturing and sweet to the girls, reading them many books and never saying no to a cuddle.  Nana was such a trooper, never saying no to a walk.   We had an amazing weekend and can't wait to see them again this summer at Nana's 90th birthday party!

In Carlton, next to Ken Wright Wine Cellars.

Check out the beautiful, hanging wisteria!